Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Prologue.

An unfortunate series of events occurred over the weekend which led the principle publishers of the Northern Doc blog to be unable to access their blog accounts and worse still to be unable to recover them. This has led to the need to create what essentially is the Northern Doc blog all over again. The original blog will remain untouched for we can do nothing to it but we hope to continue posting on matters relating to the appalling state of socialized medicine particularly that in primary care today in the United Kingdom.

We thank those who have read and supported us over the past few years and hope that those now increasingly few medical bloggers who operate under socialized medicine’s General Managers’ Council “regulation” will amend their links in their blogs accordingly.

We will reproduce our first post from some 8-9 years ago which is still as relevant today and we will follow it with a new post which has been slightly delayed.

Thank you. 

The team at ND Central.